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2003-05-15, 06:03
I got this from one of Jardines' books.
Touron-a combination of the worst characteristics of a tourist and a moron.

2003-05-21, 14:52
brought back memories of working in custer state park in SD... Tourons were what we called em, and tourons is what they were...LMAO

2003-05-29, 17:57
I live in SD and between the tourons and the phesant hunters we see some morons. One time my dad was flying back from a business trip and the guy beside him ( a guy from the east coast who was going to hunt) thought that the hay bales sitting in the fields were tipis. Serious. lol! Now that is a touron. The tourons seem to be in the Hills in the summer and in central and eastren parts of SD in the fall.

Hiked near custer may 10th and 11th. got into a logging area on top of a hill in a blizzard 3.5" snow/slush (rained a ton before we got up there). The loggers tore up everything so badly that we couldn't find the trail but we finally found a sign. Leaky boots and rain gear in a blizzard just aint fun