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2011-04-06, 17:11
I'm going to buy a First Need water purifier with my REI dividend - all $11 - and the 20% off coupon. I have a Platypus gravity flow unit, and it is my go-to unit. Literally, since I live in Honduras currently and I even filter tap water here. I'm wondering if there are pro/con ideas here. They will most likely come after I've pulled the trigger, but I am curious about people's ideas anyway. I'm getting it because I don't know where I might be working next, and for times down here if I end up really not trusting the local water source. I know the bottled water here is supposed to meet USDA requirements, but then again, this is Honduras.

2011-04-06, 18:12
If you are filtering your tap water, check these out.


2011-04-07, 09:30
The folks on the Homsteading forum I host are great fans of those systems. I followed your link, and my issue with their writeups (maybe not with the actual research, it's hard to tell from the site) is that they don't give much hard data. Like what micron it filters to. Granted, with 'absorbtion' rather than filtering as their method it may not really be easy to test. I'm just not getting a warm fuzzy with 'tortuous route' (may not have spelled it correctly since I'm not looking at it at the moment) as the description of how the absorbtion is accomplished. I did go back to find the exact quote and finally got to a page that does say it removes virus as well, which is the main difference between the First Need and my hollow membrane gravity flow filter.

All that to say that since I'm spending the money I want to get a backup backpacking filter for when/if I end up roughing it more than I am now. When I'm back in the States I'm not so concerned about filtering the tap water. If I end up in Asia after this, I may filter everything.

2011-04-07, 09:47
I used a First Need filter for many years. They are an excellent filter and the only non-chemical "purifier" per EPA requirements. Very easy to backwash so the filter cartridge lasts a long time. They also remove organics, which could be an advantage in the use that you propose.

The only downside and reason that I quit using it for backpacking is that they weight almost 1 pound. For your use I recommend it. They also have excellent customer service.

2011-05-06, 09:25
Update: Got the First Need, and I've used it for a week or so. Works easier than I thought it would. Water tastes great, which was a downfall to drinking water that I used my Platypus gravity flow filter. For my purposes, it works fine and gets me away from the plastic bottles that I was ending up with from my drinking water. That was really my main concern. That and the fact that all the bottled water here comes from one place, a Pepsi warehouse on the edge of town. I just don't like to have something like my ability to have drinking water totally dependent on a single Honduran (or really any other nationality) warehouse.

As a side bonus, a co-worker who has his family here has now gotten the self-filtering water bug (bad choice of words in this context...) and is doing research on how to provide his extended family with safe water in case of Zombie attack. Love it.