View Full Version : Slickrock Creek Dangerous at this time

SGT Rock
2011-04-17, 19:34
I got an emergency hiker call today. Seems with all this recent wet weather Slickrock Creek is impassable. Two hikers tried today and one almost didn't come back. Luckily his partner got him back to land and dried out. They hiked back up Stiff Knee Trail to Farr Gap and called for assistance. Now they will have a great story to tell later.

This probably applies to other fords in the area. I'm thinking like Deep Creek and Noland Creek on the BMT in the Smokies.

Be careful out there.

Hog On Ice
2011-04-17, 19:57
Noland Creek for sure is got to be a real problem right now - it was bad enough when I went through that area in 09 and the rain over the last few days must have made it much worse

2011-04-17, 20:11
Superman and Baby Bear said they had some interesting fords over Slickrock Creek on Wednesday. With the hellacious rain Thursday evening and all through Friday, all the falls along 129 and 28 were screaming yesterday morning.

Hopefully Superman will encounter lower waters in the Park since he only just began this AM.

SGT Rock
2011-04-17, 20:13
That area has been saturated over the last month so the ground is probably not soaking much up, and then in the last two days we got another 2.5" which in the mountains can be a lot for one storm.

I'm just glad everything went OK. As I understand it, when his partner fished him out, he was also hypothermic, so the immediate concern was getting him warm again. Then getting back to a point where they could get around. There is a good chance that the creek may not go down for a while.

2011-04-25, 13:38
The wife and I did some hiking in Shining Rock over the weekend. Streams that were usually rock hopping became river like fords.