View Full Version : Cougar Status Update, June 6, 1:20p.m.

2003-06-08, 21:30
LTC Joel Armstrong reports the following:

*He will check into the 84th Engineer's spouses' concern that the soldiers attached to other units are not getting enough bottled water and not getting hot meals.
*Mail backlogged from April is flowing.
*The troopers have cleared munitions out of 274 of the 304 area schools.
*There are 1.8 million people who live in the Cougar reduced area of operation. It is one of the most dense sections.
*The Squadron continues work with their established infrastructure repair teams working on roads, sewers etc.
*The trash clean-up project is on-going.
*Continued progress is being made on the soccer field.
*Cougar is working with officials to get propane and gas into their sector.
*Cougar troopers have confiscated 408 weapons to date.
*Joint security patrols with the Iraqi police force are ongoing. Joel has daily meetings with the Iraqi Chief of Police.
*The Squadron is working on establishing a City Municipal Building. The troopers continue to assist in standing up the local government. To date 6 local councils have been established. One representative from these councils will participate in the District Council which in turn will have representation at the City Council.
*Cougar operates an ammunition supply point. To date, the troopers have removed six thousand tons of munitions and 224 UXOs.
*Cougar continues to battle with subversive elements but the soldiers are well trained and very good at what they do.
*Joel is very proud of the way the Cougar troopers are executing all missions and sends his thanks back home to the spouses and family members who are supporting them.

End of Report

SGT Rock
2003-06-22, 02:00
I got a chance to get on and a computer with an internet connection here in Iraq. I just want to thank all my friends that have been sending things to support me and my Troopers. The knowledge that you guys are still thinking of us helps to keep us motivated. Some of the packages have included stoves and pots, lots of ramen and trail mix, backpacking and outdoor mags, and even a couple of anonomous things like a renewal of my ATC membership, a copy of the AT trail map, an AT calender, AT T-Shirt, and a copy of Walking With Spring.

I tried to get on over at WhiteBlaze, but I couldn't so if you post both places, please direct some of the friends there to here so they can get my personl thank you. I've started a big list of trail people I want to thank personaly some day when I get back.

Iraqi is not the US, so don't think of things here in the same context as you would at home. There is absolutly no good way to describe some of the things that happen here, you would have to see them for yoursleves. Despite what you may hear, there are a great number of people (at least in our sector) that are glad for us to be here and support our efforts in everything we do. The actual troublemakers and dissenters are small in numbers. I constantly get thanked for coming and ridding the people of Saddam and the Bath party. No matter how you may have felt, or feel about what happened with this war, the people here are greatful to you all as Americans and hope to be great allies with the US some day.

Well, duty calls. I must get back to my job and get things done. The faster we get Iraq back on their feet, the sooner I can come home. Please continue to enjoy the trails, the great American outdoors, and the freedom we have. You may not really appreciate how great America is, but I know I now have a greater respect for my country and how well we really have it. Hike a trail for me this 4th, and I'll be thinking of all of you while I'm looking at the pictures you have sent so far.

Happy Trails, and No Sniveling!