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Freight Train
2003-06-08, 23:42
My buddy Pepper Boy and I hiked section 1 this weekend, Springer to Woody Gap. Driving rain pretty much all day on Saturday, REALLY hard rain on Saturday night w/storms, much better on Sunday. My HH did well, except that I've still got to work with the rain fly somewhat, as I did have a few problems with rain blowing in at times. Did really worry about it, and didn't even realize how much I'd picked up until morning when I noticed how wet my Big Agnes was. Not much to report, trail conditions were good considering how much rain we've had, lots of standing water and mud. Oh, Pepper Boy was on point this morning and almost stepped on the tail of a 3' copperhead that was sunning itself on the trail. I had to coax him to leave the trail and crawl back under his rock. He really didn't want to, as the sun had finally come out. Can't blame him.

I've now got the AT approach and Section 1 under my belt, here's hoping that I can get all of the GA sections done this summer.

Freight Train

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