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2003-06-22, 02:11
I happened along this website and started reading around and now I feel emotionally evolved.

I read all the letter from Sgt Rock and it brought a tear to my eye. Is that really the last time you've heard from him? It made me want to ask you if there was anything I could do for you but having been in your position before I know you get plenty of that. He is still there I assume. I hope that he is okay. It is so revealing to hear this war described by someone who is actually there!

Also, what happened with "indoor girl". The last post was from the end of April. I hope this is not a bad thing to ask but I am truly concerned, as much as I guess a stranger can be anyway.

I also have to ask if this forum has fallen off since Sgt Rock's deployment. I hope not, because I'm sure nothing would make him happier to know that he will be coming back to a rich as ever forum.

Just some thoughts from a hiker in the PNW.

2003-06-22, 12:54
Sgt Rock posted today... http://hikinghq.net/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=636

Things seem to be going good for him and his troops.

Ive been saving up to send him a package full of CDT stuff (pics and so on) and hope to have it sent off BEFORE he gets back... which hopefully wont be too long.

As for the livelyness of the board? Dunno bout anyone else, but I check in almost everyday. Rarely are their new posts, but Im here to put my 2 cents into any that happen to t come along :)

2003-06-24, 09:31
Thanks for asking. I tend to think that this board (and possibly all hiking ones) tend to slow down during the peak hiking seasons. Now that's just a guess, but it makes sense to me.

I have heard from him since I last posted letters, I was just on vacation for 3 weeks and have fallen WAY behind on posting his letters.... sorry folks, I promise to get some up soon. Of course add to that upon my return, MY PC won't work right. Lucky for me we have backups, but some of the letters are on my hard drive... which means I have to redo the work on them.:(

Ok sorry, got to sniveling there for a second. I'm all better now, No really I swear. LOL.

Well I better get cracking so I can get some letters posted today.