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2011-06-09, 11:57
A solo hike I made this past June 1st to June 5th.

Went on a hike and a hockey game broke out.
Hit by a tree, or a large rock. I didn't even have the puck.

Learned alot about fording streams, hiking with skeeters and blackflies, and sleeping with blankets vs a sleeping bag. Made good use of first aid kit, and of using vegetable oil and toilet paper as stove fuel. Also vegetable oil with a jute wick as a lamp, and 95% denatured ethanol as stove fuel, and also for cleansing my wounds when cut to about 50% with boiled stream water. Food consumed was only 0.5 pounds per day, of oatmeal, skim milk powder, dates, almonds, ovaltine (the real stuff not that USA stuff), and a soup mix made of lentils, dried vegetables, and dried parsley. Clothing was a 12oz wool sweater, a fleece balaclava, fleece boxer, breathable nylon swimming shorts, three pairs of socks. Also a light wool blanket, a light fleece poncho blanket, and 2 poncho tarps which doubled as rain gear and shelter. Would change a few things but it was a highly experimental trek. Bugs were quite bad. Trail was mixed including some logging roads, but generally very wet and buggy with lots of blowdowns as annual trail maintenance has not started yet. The Upper Salmon Trail is poorly marked, and required some trial and error to find the trail along the steeply sloped river bank. Not alot of photos of that as I had to remain focused at that point. Slopes don't show clearly in photos anyhow. Cheers.

Gray Blazer
2011-06-09, 12:11
NB's got nothing on you.

Are you sure no one dragged you out of your tent in the middle of the night? I've got a gut feeling about this, eh?

2011-06-09, 14:04
I hope you are cleared for the next game, VC needs your help.

You didn't have to go to the, "Quiet Room", did you?

A big thumbs up, from this Don Cherry fan; your video should be nominated for play of the week!

JAK video, #1 fan.

2011-06-09, 14:09
Sounds like a painful adventure. But making for some great stories!

2011-06-09, 21:08
It was a fairly open field with just a few small birch saplings, and then, too late, there was the mother birch right in front of me. They can be very protective.

2011-06-09, 21:36
i enjoyed the video, hope you whooped that mother birch's ass

by the way....do you recall what the wind chill was on that trip...:aetsch:

2011-06-09, 22:14
Didn't whoop on the birch tree. Figured it was just doing what birch trees do in the wild.

Temps got down to 5C, 41F. Maybe 32FU with wind chill. .*-)