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2003-06-24, 12:43
I've been out on a couple of recent backpack trips and spent 3 nights in the homemade Speer hammock. My biggest hammocking oomplaint is the annoying buzz of mosquitoes below my head while I'm trying to sleep. I know the mosquitoes can't bite me, but they are buzzing so close to my ears! Any suggestions?

2003-06-24, 14:12

2003-06-24, 15:19
Do you mean to apply Permethrin to the whole hammock? I know the stuff is supposed to be benign once it's dry, but I'd still hate to have my head enveloped in it all night.

2003-06-24, 15:31
You can apply it to the whole thing if you want...

Permethryn by itself (dont mix with deet) is perfectly safe for mammals, as long as you dont drink it :)

Also, dont use it if your allergic to Crysanthemums as that is what it is derived from...

2003-06-25, 19:43
Have you considered earplugs? Seriously. I know it looks like I'm being flippant, but I always use them now. If nothing else, they help me sleep later -- critter noises always wake me up several times a night unless I plug them out.

2003-06-26, 10:30
You can file this under the topic of accentuate the positive:

I am deaf in my left ear and I usually sleep on my right side.
You snore, good for you, you buzz, who cares.

I don't suggest you try my approach, just think'n out loud and having a chuckle to myself.

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2003-07-11, 16:18
where can I get plans for this hammock?

2003-07-11, 17:39
Go to


and order the book with complete plans. Pretty simple sewing.

2003-07-17, 16:59
thanks. just might do that.