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SGT Rock
2011-06-19, 19:00
I started talking about this in another thread: http://hikinghq.net/forum/showthread.php?t=6463

Just got done playing with it:



I made 4 titanium V stakes. 3 of them are smaller ones at 7 grams each, and one is also my potty trowel at 12 grams. So 33 grams of stakes which replace about 16 grams of stakes I would normally have carried (my 4 gram aluminum ones) - 17 total grams added to use the screen as a back up wood stove. Not bad.

I was already planning on adding the big ti stake for a potty trowel anyway so maybe I can call it just adding 9 grams.

So totals:

Ti Windscreen: 8 grams
Aluminum foil base: 1 gram
Added weight for new ti stakes: 9 grams
Total: about 18 grams. The old windscreen made from aluminum tooling foil was about 15 grams.

2011-06-19, 21:45
You're not over thinking this, are you?

If you need to make a cooking fire then make a cooking fire and use a couple rocks or some bigger chunks of wood or whatever's around to hold up your pot.

I mean that method's worked for the last couple ten thousand years or so, right?

SGT Rock
2011-06-19, 22:08
Yes, but that didn't have an Imusa 12 for it.

2011-06-20, 04:13
Slick. Very Slick.
That toilet paper and oil trick of Hog on Ice will also work as your primary fuel if all the wood is too wet, or your in a hurry, and you have 1/4 to 1/2 oz oil to spare, and are running low on alcohol. I used it on my last trip, and your Ti windscreen and Ion stand also.

SGT Rock
2011-06-20, 04:39
I've not tried using the olive oil to cook thing. I may try that sometime.

2011-06-20, 12:31
I used 4 toilet paper squares crumpled up into balls as wicks, and placed into the lid of my char making tin, then pouring the oil on top. I used canola oil, because its cheap, but extra virgin olive oil is chemically similar. Lighter colours supposedly smoke less, but its going to smoke anyway so bring what tastes best if you will eat it also. It burns slow, but fast enough, and should give at least the same heat per ounce as alcohol despite a little incomplete combustion. For cleanup I wiped the soot with the 4 squares of TP and stored them in the char tin for the next one, recycling the carbon. :-)

For a simple lamp for light, or simering, a piece of jute or hemp twine works fine. You have to learn how to tie it into a knot or drape it over the side just so. 2 or 3 wick points seems to work best. Your Ion stove might work as a oil lamp or oil burner, probably without the top ring. Tea light tins are good lamps but a bit small for burners, and they tend to leak once crumpled and uncrumpled.

Hog On Ice
2011-06-20, 12:45
wrt oil light - I used to use a wire loop to hold a twist of toilet paper in a tea light tin of oil - adjust flame by how much tp is above the wire loop - one tin of oil would burn for about 4 hours - used a cut off soda bottle for a globe

2011-06-20, 17:08
I took my candle lantern without the glass last trip, and added a titanium wind shield on 2 of the 3 sides for directed light. Found it easier to mess with than with the glass. Still 25g, so I might just use the titanium or a small aluminum can and make something. Sorry for the thread hijack, again.

Nice video Rock. I will see what I can come up with myself.

2011-06-23, 23:53
....I used canola oil, because its cheap, but extra virgin olive oil is chemically similar. ....
And six times more expensive.