View Full Version : How to keep a journal?

2003-06-26, 15:15
I want to keep a journal while hiking. Paper/pencil doesn't work because paper might get wet. Ruggedized PDA doesn't work because it might get lost and I'm out $900.

What do you suggest?

2003-06-26, 16:13
I kept a journal for 6 months with paper and pencil and never had a problem. I was wet many times but as long as I kept the paper in a zip lock baggie it was fine. However, I did not attempt to write while in the rain. I usually wrote every night after I was in my tent or shelter, and just prior to going to sleep.

Just my 2 cents.... and it worked for me.... and still does on my shorter backpacking trips..

Ed (AT99)(01)

2003-06-26, 16:29
I too have always carried a hand sized note pad and pencil.
I stick it in a zip lock sandwich bag and usually have it out in the middle of the night writing to pass the sleepless hours.

I transfer it to a word document at home at my lesiure.

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2003-06-26, 18:46
There's a pocket-sized note pad called "StormSAFE" (or something similar) made of waterproof (or at least water resistant) pages. Works decently with ballpoint pens or pencils. I know you can find it at a military clothing sales store; can probably find it at camping/surplus stores as well. It's a little green tablet with plastic covers (good writing surface).

2003-06-26, 22:34
on the AT in 2000, i used plain notepaper for letters and my journals. kept it in a gallon sized ziplock along with with pencils, stamps, envelopes, credit cards and cash. low tech, but worked fine. sent the journals and letters home at every P.O. opportunity. sometimes the paper got a little damp, but my loved ones and friends said it added to their appreciation of what i was doing.