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2003-06-26, 15:25
I have made the soda can stove and I'm making the Ion stove next. I have made the hardware cloth pot stand and just wanted to warn everyone about the burining of galvanized metals. Galvanized is a zinc coating applied to metals to prevent rusting. When it is burned or welded, it releases zinc oxide, lead, and iron as a gas. The amounts and levels depend on the composition and temperature applied. This is HIGHLY toxic and can cause irreversible brain damage. If you stay away from the fumes, you should be good though. Welders use high velocity fans and respirators to weld galvanized.
If at all possible, you should look into making the clots hangar stand or another light weight design. Please pass the word and maybe put a warning on the directions Sgt. Rock.

It is my belief that the wire should be safe after a good hot burn (usually when the wire stays yellow after cooling). I have no technical proof of this. Make sure it's done in a well ventilated area though.

2003-06-26, 22:52
wouldn't worry too much about galvanized hardware cloth. not nearly enough zinc to cause any damage in the amounts of cloth you're gonna use and as you said, one burn and it's gone. lead is the part that could cause brain damage and galvanization uses no lead whatever. it's simply mild steel electroplated with zinc. i prefer to use stainless mesh. stronger and much more durable.

2003-06-27, 11:16
That's good to know Chief. I couldn't find stainless. Maybe I will try at lowes or Home Depot.

2003-06-27, 13:21
stainless is harder to find. you'll have better luck with an industrial supply outlet rather than places like home depot, but who knows. i was also thinking maybe a boaters supply might have it. i was lucky, i have a friend in a marine supply company. he just cut me off a piece from a roll they had in stock. btw, it comes in lots of mesh sizes and guages. we used to use it on ships as flame arrestors for fuel oil tank vents.