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2011-07-07, 02:05
With a wedding to attend Saturday evening and the higher snow levels in a good chunk of the northern portion of the state, I wanted a trip that was a quick get-away..but one that was not overly crowded.

As I looked over my maps, I thought of my of the Lost Creek Wilderness and a route I did as a day hike three summers ago.

Rather than a one way hike with a car shuttle as I did three years ago, this time I would hike along the Colorado Trail, hike up the Brookside-McCurdy Trail and then 'shwack along a ridge from the (unofficially named) "Zephyr" to "Kenosha Peak" down to "Platosha Pass" , go down the Ben Tyler Trail and back along The Colorado Trail to my truck at the Lost Gulch trailhead.

A simple plan and one that fit my needs for a trip a little off the beaten path without being far away.

More trip suckiness (http://www.pmags.com/lost-creek-high-route)

Some photos so you don't have to click the link thingamabob....:)

http://pmags2.jzapin.com/gallery2/d/24500-1/image003.jpg?g2_GALLERYSID=47f49ed2e6021dd1ffcf90b febe5b8e3

http://pmags2.jzapin.com/gallery2/d/24508-1/image007.jpg?g2_GALLERYSID=47f49ed2e6021dd1ffcf90b febe5b8e3

http://pmags2.jzapin.com/gallery2/d/24524-1/image015.jpg?g2_GALLERYSID=47f49ed2e6021dd1ffcf90b febe5b8e3

Hog On Ice
2011-07-07, 06:54
nice pics and report oh sucky one

Big Mac
2011-07-07, 13:57
More of the normal suckage.

Nice pics Mags.

2011-07-07, 14:19
Lost Creek was an awesome section of the CT. It was the area where I hit my first snow with an early June start.

Good to see it again. Thanks.