View Full Version : Highest SPF sunscreen?

2003-06-30, 08:24
What is the highest SPF sunscreen? The highest I've seen is SPF 70 -- Hawaiian Tropic Ozone Block.

I also find that the stick form is much better than squirting something out of a bottle. Unfortunately, Hawaiian only sells an SPF 50 stick.

2003-06-30, 11:40
The highest I've seen is the SPF 7 from HT. I am very fair skinned and I can not go outside for any length of time without at least SPF 45, and the one I like the best and seems to work the best for me is Hawaiian Tropic brand. I have had great results with this one.... and it doesn't stink too badly either....lol


2003-06-30, 13:48
Do you mean SPF 70 for HT?

If so, I get mine at Wal-Mart. Bottle is pretty small. Do you have a better source/bigger bottle?

2003-06-30, 15:04
LOL yep SPF 70 was what I meant. Darn typos.

I've only seen it in a small bottle myself. Maybe HT has a website with more info? Just a thought.

2003-06-30, 16:57
Do you have any suggestions for an after-sun lotion? Something that would prevent peeling, reddening, and burning?

2003-06-30, 19:12
What I do when I get sunburnt is I start with SeaBreeze to help take the sting out. Then apply a lotion with coco butter in it. The coco butter helps heal the skin and keep the moisture in which helps minimize pealing.

This works really well for me. I get sunburt rather easily, so I've tried just about every cure known to man.

Hope this helps.


2003-07-01, 16:03
Thanks for the info. Do you recommend any particular brand of butter lotion?

What is SeaBreeze? Who makes it? Where can I buy it?

2003-07-01, 16:05
Sea Breeze is a type of astringent skin cleaner. It is it's own brand actually.

Just about any moisturizing lotion will work, the key is to keep moisture in the skin.