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2011-07-21, 22:14
The Foxfire Museum (http://www.foxfire.org/museum.html) in Mountain City, GA, home of the Foxfire magazine and a series of books about pioneer mountain living, is hosting a tour for the GATC on August 6. This is a great day trip.

The museum, which covers several acres on the lower slopes of Black Rock Mountain, is usually self-guided. But we get a guided tour by the curator of the museum and a behind-the-scenes look at areas and artifacts that are usually off-limit to visitors. For example, one of the restored log cabins is a repository for antique hand tools, another holds a great collection of hand-made toys and games, yet another has folk art, and so on. Usually you have to look into these cabins through small (...an dirty...) windows but we are going inside with the museum curator!

Larger exhibits include about 20 cabins, some original, others built from salvaged logs, some built by students. Plus a grist mill. A church. A moonshine still hidden back in a holler. A smoke house. A pole barn filled with agricultural implements. A weaver spinning wool colored with natural dyes, a broom maker, a blacksmith shop and more.

This is really too cool. I've arranged these tours twice now, this is my third, and each time the event has gotten rave reviews. And it only costs 6 bucks for a ticket. It's so underpriced that it's embarrassing.

Mountain City is on the way to Franklin TN from Atlanta. Tour limited to 24 people.

Let me know if you'd like to go.

2011-07-21, 22:17
I've got most of the books. Really liked them.

Nearly Normal
2011-07-21, 22:57
Went there once. Wasn't a soul around and was closed. Years ago.
Could be a bad problem for them as you could just clean the place out.
They needed better security.
I have most of the books as well. you might need them soon.
There is another town like this in Lumpkin Ga called Westville....or their used to be...years ago. That sticky red mud section of Ga is where we called home.
You taken your shoes off anyway before going in the house or granny would cut you're ass.

2011-08-03, 12:04
Coming up Saturday. Tour starts at 10 am.

Cool thing to do on a hot day.