View Full Version : Whiteblaze having problems too??

2003-07-01, 19:40
I just tried to get on the whiteblaze forums and had some crazy error messege like I got with this site last night. Anybody else having this problem?? Streamweaver

2003-07-01, 19:47
Same here. I tried to go over there and check things out too and got a weird error message too.

I guess its just the day for it or something. :rolleyes:

Lone Wolf
2003-07-01, 20:26
Yup. It's fried.

2003-07-01, 21:13
I tried to go in there (since I'm admin there too) and do the fix that tech support gave me for this one, but it said I couldn't.

ATTroll, if you see this I have a repair url that tech support sent me if you'd like to try it.

2003-07-02, 10:25
did it have anything to do with the storm? everything here (both sides of mobile bay) was down for a while, including what's left of my pier. my neighbor's brand new boat house is in my yard. it's almost comical until i remember there's no insurance on anything sticking out into this bay.

2003-07-02, 22:24
Whitebalze is back up. It wernt the storm. Attroll hit that big red button that says DO NOT PUSH!!! LOL Streamweaver

2003-07-02, 22:26
DOH!! thats whiteblaze!! Eh bruddah!!

2003-07-03, 09:09
So THAT'S what that big red button does. Whew good thing I decided not to push it. :D