View Full Version : there's some people who could use your prayers right now

2011-08-14, 16:00
5 dead, 45 wounded at indiana state fair last night when the stage collapsed due to heavy winds.


Big Mac
2011-08-14, 20:05
Thanks Kanga - my fellow hoosiers are really down over this one. Terrible shame. They closed the state fair today. Probably the right thing to do.

2011-08-15, 09:56
the troopers were already starting to clear people out and shut things down. they just couldn't do it fast enough before this happened. absolutely tragic. the pictures of the crowd running towards the downed stage and trying to lift it up off of the victims is unbelievably moving and heroic.

2011-08-15, 10:10
Wow! that is some bad stuff.

2011-08-15, 21:55
They were in my prayers as soon as I heard about it yesterday morning. Terrible.