View Full Version : Standing Bear Farm

2003-01-09, 12:37
never been there and never heard many folks talk about it..

going to go by and check it out this year...anybody been there?

accept maildrops??..how bout food??? ..veggie=tarin??..is it a working farm??..

2003-01-09, 17:36
Was that place new last year? If it's just north of GSMNP, then most hikers probably hit Mountain Mamma's first. I wasn't aware of the new place until I saw the sign.

I suspect it will be a good alternative to Mountain Mamma's once word gets out.

2003-01-09, 22:49
Word *was* out and many hikers went to Standing Bear Farm instead of Mt. Moma's.

Standing Bear Farm was advertised at several locations before the Smokies. There was a poster in the parking lot where you get picked up for Fontana Village.

Although I didn't go there, I heard that the owners are great hosts. I did meet one of the owners in Erwin when he was trying to catch up to a hiker that had forgotten something at his hostel. Now how many people would have gone out of their way to do that? Not many.

From what I heard, the hostel was still in the process of being built. They had bunks, but were trying to do some improvements still.

2003-01-10, 08:40
They were not serving any chow in 2002 when I was there nor selling any supplies. Has that changed??