View Full Version : Hitting the AT in October (Georgia)

Manchu Infantry
2011-09-21, 10:16
Son and I are AT virgins, so we are taking Amtrak from New Orleans to Atlanta and hitting the AT at the end of October just for a 3-day teaser. Any suggestions or tips for this time of year?

Since this is not a long haul and we are hiking/camping for enjoyment/exploring and not neccessarily hiking for distance or speed, I will be packing a couple of extra things for creature comforts. Plus my son is 12 so I don't want to burn him out on a forced march the first time out. From what I have read the weather will be unpredictable and I should expect rain/sleet/cold-weather conditions.

I am former Army "light" infantry so I know the pain of a heavy ruck, vertical climbs and shoulder/back/shin/foot pains. I have all the plans in the world to make this fun and as non-Army as possible.

2011-09-21, 10:28
I have all the plans in the world to make this fun and as non-Army as possible.

Good attitude, he's a lucky kid.

I'm sure others who live there will respond, or you can Google it. But I recall from my experience that in October it's generally mild during the day and can get chilly at night. Fairly dry too. How's that for a generic reply?:)

2011-09-21, 10:29
weather can vary greatly. it could be 60 and sunny during the day, or below 30 and icy. bring warm poly layers that you can take on or off for when you take breaks. raingear, 25* or below sleeping bags, and warm dry socks for camp. also camp shoes, since during the hike, depending on conditions, your feet might be wet. i usually bring some light fleece gloves and a fleece headband for my ears. i also enjoy a warm drink like cider or hot chocolate for when i get to camp. bring high calorie foods to help you body stay warm. you'll love it! i usually do my hiking in the fall.

2011-09-21, 10:55
Moving to NOLA (mid-city/south Lakeview) in a couple weeks! Where you at?

Manchu Infantry
2011-09-21, 12:03
Appreciate the quick replies (not that we're really in a hurry at the moment). Socks and fleece are already a done deal but since I'm not a coffee drinker I almost forgot about hot chocolate so thanks for the tip!

Manchu Infantry
2011-09-21, 12:04
I'm right across the lake in Slidell. Lakeview is a great area

Manchu Infantry
2011-11-08, 14:42
Had a great time... perfect weather. Cold to chilly, sunny, no clouds. Awesome time to be walking and camping.