View Full Version : Do you eat like a backpacker at work?

2003-01-09, 12:54
I find that backpacking foods are really useful at work too. I keep a supply of couscous, dried black beans, dried tortellini, instant soups, spices, olive oil at work and cook lunch by pouring hot water over my instant foods in a lidded tupperware bowl, putting the bowl inside my wool hat, and waiting 10 minutes. Hot water is available in the company kitchen for tea drinkers. There's a microwave too, but I rarely need it. Anyone else finding their hiking habits carrying over to the rest of life?

SGT Rock
2003-01-09, 13:15
Sometimes I do eat like a backpacker at work, I keep some stuff in my desk.

When I'm in the field, I definetly eat like a backpacker at work. I take a lot of ramen and liptons, as well as my alcohol stove.

2003-01-09, 13:19
well I don't work ..semi-retired and a flower pot maker...

but it is a good idea to put yourself on "trail food" for a few days before you head out to let your system become accustomed to the "new" diet...

I also try to incorporate LEAVE NO TRACE attitudes in my daily life.

Recycle...it's a better way..meeting the solution to the throw away pollution

2003-01-09, 17:45
Yup ...had oatmeal for breakfast, a granola bar mid morning and mac & cheese for lunch. May just fire up a Liptons for dinner. Hell ...if it wasn't so derned cold I'd probably pitch my tent and sleep in the back yard tonight. Kinda tough getting those stakes in that frozen ground though and out here in Wyoming if you don't stake it down it ends up in Nebraska !!

2003-01-23, 00:15
Yes. and its kind of sad.

I usually keep a few power bar harvest bars around, as well as some of the ramen intstant lunch cups. (usually use those on over nights) I also go through a pouch of beef jerky about every day, as it is high protein, low fat and fits my diet.

I am so pathetic sometimes.

I think I will post a question like this in the gear section, basically what gear that you bought for back packing do you use every day at home?

yes I think I will post that now.


Uncle Wayne
2003-01-24, 07:03
I enjoy gorp and beef jerky at work as well. I work third shift so I can eat about anything any time; breakfast for supper and vice versa.

Wander Yonder
2003-01-24, 11:14
I work at home, but when I get antsy for the trail, I make myself coffee or soup on my alcohol stove. It helps! :D