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Zero Day
2003-07-11, 12:42
I am presently in the Houston TX area and there is a small wildlife park where I can walk. I ran across the attached tree/shrub. Can anyone identify it for me. Sweetgum perhaps?

BTW this photo was taken with a Vivitar ViviCam-10 that I got at Wally World for 48$. It is about as close to a disposable digital camera as you can get. It is small and lightweight and I don't worry all the time about getting it wet. It has about 0.256 megapixels so the pictures arn't real good but fine for email and pasting into a Word document as a illustration for a journal. Big disadvantage is that there is no pre-view so you can't be sure of your shot.

Zero Day
2003-07-11, 12:43
Here is the pix.

2003-07-11, 17:36
How big are the balls? Sweetgum balls are about 2 inches across and grow on a tree (not a shrub). They have lots of triangular pointy things sticking out, but the probruberances are short (~1/4 inch).

Zero Day
2003-07-18, 11:01
I will go back and check. Claudet has kept us inside lately. We have Sweetgum Trees in GA and the balls go from green to brown. I have never seen a white one like this.

Hog On Ice
2003-07-18, 14:34
The leaf does not look right for a sweet gum either - sweet gum has a star shaped leaf.

2003-07-19, 17:17
I believe this is a buttonbush. Check out this link (http://www.easywildflowers.com/quality/cph.occid.htm) to be sure

Zero Day
2003-07-19, 18:13
That's It!