View Full Version : lightning and hammocks

2003-07-12, 07:32
so there I was last sunday near the Canadian border in the BWCA laying in my hammock in a major thunder and lightning storm. I began to speculate on what track the lightning would take if it struck one of the trees that my hammock was tied to. would it go directly to the ground or would it follow along the tarp from tree to tree or would it follow along the hammock from tree to tree. My thoughts are that I would be safer off the ground in the hammock than being in direct contact with the ground. Any thoughts or ideas?

2003-07-12, 10:25

I've had reason to entertain these same thoughts and it's not pleasant. My feeling is that you (we) are safer in the hammock then on the ground. But safety in this case is relative. I wouldn't think of stringing my hammock between two exposed and isolated trees if there was the remotest chance of lightning strikes. Summer lightning is common in my neck of the woods - luckily I get to hammock in heavily forested areas which cuts the odds considerably.

It's scary stuff. I once had a bolt hit within 150 feet of me on a bare hill top in central New Brunswick and I havn't felt the same way about lightning since.