View Full Version : Super Hydrophibic Fabric Spray and Paint Product..

2011-11-26, 11:03
Imagine a fabric spray that renders a material so hydrophobic mustard and chocolate syrup rolls off, like water on a ducks back!

I was surfing about and came across a fairly new product. I would suspect that there are issues not mentioned that affect it's use or performance. For example one comment states "They said on their website that if you rub it with alcohol or soap it'll come off." That said the benefits could be quite beneficial at times. This video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7is6r6zXFDc&feature=player_embedded) demonstrates what may be quite useful on a wet trip or gear improver. SS

2011-11-26, 20:02
My concern with it is how effective it is with body fluids.

SGT Rock
2011-11-26, 20:19
That is pretty cool.

2011-11-26, 22:28
Gotta check that out....

2011-11-27, 22:18
Say hello to 200 MPH bass boats.

Hog On Ice
2011-11-27, 23:48
high speed, low drag ...

2011-12-07, 13:49
high speed, low drag ...


2011-12-07, 15:34
Say hello to 200 MPH bass boats.

Rain X while it's on the trailer will brighten your day.

SGT Rock
2011-12-07, 19:57
Will it make cotton into a wicking material?