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SGT Rock
2011-12-12, 17:56
I've been calling the services along the BMT trying to finish up for the 2012 guidebook and thought this bit of information might be something BMT hikers of the past may want to know.

Mardee & Dan Kauffman who run Whitehouse B&B in Ducktown are packing it in this year. They have been helping hikers for about 19 years on the Benton MacKaye Trail - that area was the northern terminus for years until the BMT got finished about 6 years ago. I know there have been a few hikers over the last 4 years that have stayed there and told me how wonderful the Kauffmans were to them.

They will be missed.

2011-12-12, 18:19
Are the moving or just closing the B&B? For sale????

SGT Rock
2011-12-12, 18:31
B&B is for sale. They are moving to Blue Ridge, GA. You want their number?

SGT Rock
2011-12-12, 18:32
Here is a little info about the place. Their website is down.


2011-12-12, 19:40
Blue Ridge? practically on the BMT. perfect.

2011-12-12, 20:06
I know this place, but have not stayed there. Cant find any real estate listing for it. Know what they are asking??

SGT Rock
2011-12-12, 20:12
I didn't ask. I think they are using century 21

I'm tapatalkin' ya'll

SGT Rock
2011-12-12, 21:23

I found this listing:


2012-04-17, 17:21
Looks like it was taken off the market