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SGT Rock
2011-12-21, 15:26
anyone seen one of these yet?




2011-12-21, 17:39
Looks very similar to the Ohm pack ! Little River has them for $185


SGT Rock
2011-12-21, 17:41
I've looked at that Ohm too.

Hog On Ice
2011-12-21, 17:42
interesting - wonder what it weighs

2011-12-21, 17:47
Site says 12.6 oz.

SGT Rock
2011-12-21, 17:53
Yep. It has about the same capacity of a ULA Circuit. If you add a few do-dads to make it more Circuit like (belt pouches, load lifters, ice axe loops, bungee across the back) it comes out to about 14.91 ounces. I was admiring that new cuben fiber hybrid stuff and that adjustable frame system.

SGT Rock
2011-12-21, 18:09
I just did the math:
Zpacks Exo
Main pouch 2200
Back pocket 500
Side pockets 500 total
belt pouches 200 (assumption)
Total: 3450

ULA Circuit
Main pouch 2400
Back pocket 400
Side pockets 700 total
Belt pouches 200 total
Extension 500
Total: 4200

The extension gives the ULA more "extra" capacity. Otherwise they are close on space. To get the Zpack spec'ed out like that is about $303, which is about $100 more than the ULA.

Black Wolf
2011-12-26, 21:54
I saw one at Ed Garvey ..ROOK on HF has it ..awesome pack...I'm considering one myself .. although to have it how I want it .. $370.00 bucks...

Black Wolf
2011-12-26, 22:00
PS... I'm looking at the ULA's as well.. I hear that they're a bit "hot' on the back ... another to look at the Osprey Exos .. I'll more then likely get the 46 large they're on sale for $134 .. 3000 cubes at 39ozs.

2011-12-27, 20:08
Is a pack like that durable enough for a four month hike?