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2011-12-23, 18:52
Greetings all. Wanting to go hike the Louisiana Wild Azalea Trail at some point in the near future.

Planning on parking at the Woodworth Town Hall (closest access from my home).

I was looking at the online map available and trying to compare it to Google Earth Street view to get an idea where the entry point from the road is.

Rock, is there a sign or some kind of marker that indicates "leave the road here"?

From the Google Earth View, all I can see are driveways...

I noticed from your trail journal that it took you about 3 days one way. Am I reading it correctly. Can I just wander around the trail and camp (Hennessy Hammock of course) where ever?

Any recommedations?

samhain (Baton Rouge).

SGT Rock
2011-12-23, 20:05
It has been years since I did that hike. As I recall we did find a sign somewhere out there on the Alexandria end of it. I think I did like 12 miles the first day, about 20 on the second, and finished out the last of it on the third day. Hopefully there are less skeeters, I got ate up with them at night.

I cannot remember and particular campsite that sticks out either. With a hammock you will have lots of options.

2011-12-23, 20:17
Have a very Merry Christmas!!