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2003-07-15, 17:05
Hey All, I need some advice on an pack for a short torso female who is new (as in never) to backpacking. My requirements are for 3-4 days, 2900-3750 cc, 3 season, weight a factor but not a deciding one. I expect to load it with pad, bag, water and clothing, so maybe 20 pounds at the most. I expect I will be the sherpa. since lately I am out alone, this is not a problem. Once I get her addicted I may look at a bigger pack. (you know, every ones doin it, the first ones free.. all the cool kids are doin it...)
So the ones I am looking at right now are the
1) mountainsmith ghost
2) Kelty Coyote 3200 ST
3) Kelty Haiku 3000 womens
4) Kelty Redwing 2400 (I know.. small)
5) Kelty Moraine 3000
6) Marmot Femme Nikita
7) Gregory G-pack (2650 small...)
8) REI Talus 35 (2150 cc's really small...)
9) Kelty Storm (2400 cc's)

Anyway, any thought or ideas yall have would be welcome. Specifics are welcome. Right now I am leaning towards the moraine or the coyote. I have a fair amount of brand loyalty to Kelty as I already own 2 tents and two other packs by kelty, But I can change.

thanks in advance for any advice.


2003-07-16, 09:13
Visit Gregory's web-ste and have a look at the DEVA...can't remember the actualy volume. I think in the 3300-3500 range...its female specific construction and very nice pack...I think it will fit the bill nicely..

Here's the link: http://www.gregorypacks.com/prod.php?ID=13

2003-07-16, 12:47
cant go wrong with Mountainsmith....

I played around with the MS Ghost and liked it... I dont remember if the Ghost has the "Omni Belt"... if it does, thats a sweet peice of kit.

Another option is the Kifaru line (Kifaru was founded by the same guy who founded MS)... their stuff is heavier, but built stronger... its also expandable via external pockets. you could start with a 2000ci pack, and expand it to well over 4000ci.

2003-07-21, 15:02
I have the Kelty Haiku 4200 (or whatever the number is -- bigger than 3000). It is the most comfortable pack I have ever used, and I love all of the detachable pocket doodads. I also got it dirt cheap on closeout at reioutlet.com (I guess they were closing out that color or something). I've hiked it for a total of 40 miles so far, and I kept forgetting it was there unless it snagged on something. The 3000 would be a good bet in my book.

2003-07-28, 09:36
I like kelty packs alot... not the lightest, but certainly very tough and well made. I also have an affection for kelty gear as it was my first "real" gear. I am leaning towards the haiku. or maybe I will give her my 2400 redwing and buy myself a 2900 redwing. :) I am not sure how a used pack would go over. I love my redwing for a day pack. If I ever got the urge to tarp camp, the 2400 would be a great 2-3 day pack for one. lots of lash points allow extra gear to be stowed.

Thanks for the advice. I am probably going to get her the haiku.