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SGT Rock
2012-01-23, 00:01
Something I've been working on for a while is a new track of the BMT including all the re-routes and a little better on the accuracy compared to older tracks. During my hikes I got use to carrying a GPS, something I thought I would never need to hike with. On hikes where I didn't carry a GPS I missed having the convenience of a GPS for looking at surrounding terrain and having various levels of detail for the trail I was on all in one place. Not to mention being able to see how far I was from an upcoming point. I thought that there may be some future BMT hikers that plan to carry a GPS, not necessarily because you need one to navigate the BMT (maps do fine) but for convenience.

So, to meet that need I've been working on making a BMT track from the one used for my guide. I have divided it into the three basic sections of the BMT. Then I have created waypoint files to work with that which match the data points used in my guidebook. That way if you are following my track and it lists a campsite, ford, water point, road crossing, intersection, etc; there will be a gps waypoint on the track to show you where that is so you don't have to guess. It is still a work in progress, but I figure I would throw it out there for folks to use. Here is a link to the downloads:


Hog On Ice
2012-03-06, 22:33
I ran across an interesting approach for this sort of data - Guthook's blog mentioned an app he put together that use GPS data plus photos plus maps to act as a trail guide for iPhone/iPod Touch - see http://www.guthooksguides.com/


SGT Rock
2012-03-07, 01:07