View Full Version : Dutchware Whoopie Hooks - 3.4 gram Ti hooks rated to 1000lbs!

SGT Rock
2012-01-23, 01:01
I promised Dutch I would wait until Monday to release the video. He wanted to show them this weekend at Mt Rogers first. I'm getting my system ready to start the midnight shift tomorrow, so as I am sitting here working on getting ready for a trip next weekend I realized it was about midnight, so here goes:


2012-01-23, 09:01
pretty cool

Hog On Ice
2012-01-23, 10:08
I use the Dutchware biner that JacksRBetter sells here: http://www.jacksrbetter.com/Dutchware.htm in much the same way as Rock showed for this new Dutch hook

I may upgrade but for now I'm OK with the lower suspension weight limit and heavier gear weight

SGT Rock
2012-01-23, 12:18
Your biner is part of what got me thinking of this. I was discussing something like what you had except made of ti when I was talking to Dutch. I envisioned a larger Ti dutch hook like for tarp ridge lines except with a gate. Something that could go in line to stop a drip except lighter and smaller.

Then a few weeks later he told me he sent me a message saying he was sending me a hook that I came up with that would be for hammock suspension, and honestly I had forgot about the hook idea and was baffled as to what idea it was I had come up with. Then these showed up and it was instant recall. In my experience so far with these the gate isn't needed.