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2012-01-26, 11:55
Just wanted to remind and invite everyone down to my little corner of the world. The Wild Azalea Trail is a great weekend hike. It is about 26 miles long (depends on who you ask). Starts at Valentine Lake and ends in Woodworth, louisiana just south of Alexandria. It has a few hills but is an easy to moderate stroll for the most part. Plenty of clear flowing creeks for water (I still always boil or iodine my water). Its Louisiana after all so bring bug spray and come hike....You'll be glad you did.

SGT Rock
2012-01-26, 14:27
Cuffs just moved to the Big Easy. She needs to get out and try it.

2012-01-26, 15:42
Its not that far from her thats for sure...I hike it as often as I can....its my backyard so to speak

2012-01-26, 16:53
Any Gators there?

(Too big of a softball for me to not take a swing. Sorry)

2012-01-26, 18:51
No but there are wild hogs in those woods...you'll see where they've been digging and its an odd feeling when you hear them in the middle of the night.

2012-01-27, 09:07
Thanks. The wife and I sometimes get down there for JazzFest - maybe we can extend that to check this out. It looks nice.

My reference to a certain species of reptile was a bad inside joke.

2012-01-27, 12:31
We knew who you meant. :bebored:

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