View Full Version : All new shoes need new insoles?

2003-07-21, 08:47
I spoke to an REI rep who has been hiking for fifty years and he says that whenever he buys a new pair of shoes he throws out the insoles and buys new ones because "no shoe manufacturer can afford to put good insoles in there shoes."

Is this true?

If so, which insoles are the best?

Zero Day
2003-07-21, 13:19
Shoes, shoes, we don't need no stinking shoes! Hike barefoot and you dont need no insoles.

2003-07-21, 14:26

I usually hike Barefoot too, but when I do wear shoes in the field, I wear Danners. Ive found their Airthotic insole to be better than 99% of the stuff out there.