View Full Version : 2012-13 Guidebook missing pages in some copies.

SGT Rock
2012-02-19, 01:12
Blissful was kind enough to tell me that her copy of the 2012-13 Guidebook is missing some pages. I checked through my supply and about half my supply is missing two pages. If you have got a Guidebook from me for the 2012-13 run, please check and see if those pages are missing.

I am so sorry this has happened and want to make it right. I've made a download that contains the data for those two pages so you can get your missing pages, it is available here: http://bmtguide.com/missing-pages.pdf

I'm trying to track how many bad went out, so if you got one from me, please check it and see if pages 16 and 38 are blank. If they are, or are not, please post here yea or nay.


Hog On Ice
2012-02-19, 08:37
yep- 16 & 38 blank here

2012-02-19, 10:10
The blank pages are for coloring...