View Full Version : I am deeply saddened

2003-07-24, 16:36
there I was mowing on a windy day minding my own business and here comes a sheet of Tyvek ( big enough for a tarp and ground cloth) and a 2'X4' piece of fiberglass perfect for lots of stoves. I was quite happy at this but just as I started to pick the tyvek up the neighbor who was residing his house comes running to pick it up. He apologizes for it getting in my way and runs off with it.:( :( :( :( He should have apologized that he was taking such wonderful loot away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2003-07-24, 20:26
LOL I hate when that happens!! Its like the time I saw a 20 dollar bill laying in the grass but when I picked it up it had been run over by a lawn mover and it was only about 1/3 of the bill lol oh well what kin ya do?! Streamweaver

2003-07-25, 10:52
How come my son gets away with: "Dad, I found a twenty dollar bill. Can I keep it?" Where did you find it? "Upstairs in your pants pocket.":D :D :D

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