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2003-07-28, 14:00

This weekend I went on a little hike.
I was invited to go a few weeks ago, and previous to going on the trip, I was told that several members of the group were most definate Newbies (Never gone backpacking before, let alone done so on a 14,000 foot peak attempt) and were planning on putting all their gear into Jansport bookbags.


Me being the nice guy I am, broke out my Large ALICE ruck (about 4500 ci, with a 7lbs frame) with the intent of carrying extra food, water, gear, etc.


Turns out someone talked them into renting their equipment and they WERE infact properly equipped. However I didnt know that until we were at the trailhead. Leaving me with a 55lbs Ruck. Plus heavy duty boots to support the load.

Oh Joy.

So, were hiking along, and the only thing Im thinking about is how much this monkey on my back weighs.

At 10,800 feet, we make our Basecamp for the peak ascent. Im fried. My legs dont want to move, and my back is killing me. But Im ready. I strip my gear down to what ends up being my almost usual load (ranger blanket, bivybag, water, MRE main meal, flashlight) and all of a sudden felt like I could run to the summit... were it not for the groan of my body.

We eventually got chased down from the summit by weatherm and never got all the way up. But I cant help but wonder (know, really...) that had I gone Ultralight, I would have been at the top with hours to spare, beaten the weather, and been feeling pretty good too!

DEFINATLY a new appreciation for going light.

2003-07-28, 18:46
Ouch. Darn newbies. At least they were better prepared than you feared. It also speaks very well of you that you were willing to take it for the team.

Was it out of the question to stash your stuff out of sight at the trailhead?

2003-07-28, 19:22
No, gear stashing was pretty out of the question.

2003-07-30, 10:54
D'oh. That sucks, then. One more for the lessons learned column. (I hate learning lessons like that -- much easier to learn from the examples of others!)