View Full Version : Rough Ridge Trail - Cohutta

2012-03-26, 14:02
I hiked this interior trail this past weekend. started at Three Forks Mtn parking/East Cowpen TH. maybe 1/4 mile on EC is the RRT southern terminus on the right and goes about 7 miles where it dead ends into Jacks River Trail about 1.5 mile up creek from the the falls.

the first maybe 4-5 miles is cruising along the ridge line. lots of vistas. after that you start descending down to the river. of course it came a pretty good rain just before i started down so it was nice and slick.
you don't see any water 'til near the very end of it. i crossed Rough Creek and Jacks River and made camp.

the northern end is appr. 1,700 ft altitude and the ridge line is 3,600 ft. i needed a snickers or two on the way back.

most ppl do this as a loop coming back via Jacks River, Hickory Ridge, and East Cowpen Trail.

i heard a bear cub just over a rise that got my heart to throbbing even more than it already was. sounded like it was over a pa system. lots of scat along the trail--both adult and cub.