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2003-07-29, 14:06
I'm in the process of bying a Hennessy Hammock. It's just that I don't really know which one to choose. So I could use some help in answering a few questions I have.

I'm 6 ft. 1,5 inch (1,86 m) and weigh 188 lbs (85 kg.).

The Expedition ASYM have a nice price and all the Hennessy features. But I've read that it fits best for people under 6ft. Is there someone that's over 6 ft. and have experience of the Expedition ASYM?

Since I don't know if I'm too tall for the Expedition I figure that the Explorer ASYM might be an alternative. Since the Explorer comes in two versions the Deluxe and the Ultralite I'd like to hear what you think of them. I'm curious about the difference in the hammock materials. Oxford Nylon in the Deluxe versus Nylon Taffeta in the Ultralite, is there a big difference in durability? I'm curious since there is an 8 oz. difference in weight. I guess I want to know whether it's worth carrying those extra 8 oz. or not.

On the Hennessy Hammock web page they say "It is also more soft and stretchy than the Explorer Deluxe" about the Explorer Ultralite. Is this positive? Doesn't that make it more difficult to set up?

I'm open to all kinds of tips and pointers. Please share your experiences.

Thanks in advance
Hudson, Hammocker wannabe

2003-07-30, 10:53
I have the Safari Ultralite (no, they don't make 'em anymore). Very comfortable, but also pretty stetchy; it's not unusual for me to shuttle back and forth between the two tie-down points several times before the hammock is taut enough (or at least so my ass isn't dragging on the ground). As for room on the inside, though, it's definitely got enough, and if it takes a few adjustments to keep me sleeping comfortably, it's a price I'm willing to pay.

Nico B
2003-08-14, 10:06
I chose which hammock to buy because of price point.

I originally bought an Ultralight A-sym Backpacker with the nylon taffeta. The material felt slick and kinda slimy, but was comfortable enough. HH's website says that this material is tight enough to repel mosquito attacks, but seeing as to how you will be using a pad or an underquilt under you, I don't see that this really matters. The Ultralight A-sym also weighs 1/2 lb. lighter. I returned this item to where I bought it because I really should not have spent the $150 that I paid for it (tight monthly finances--bad boy!!!!)

I then was fortunate enough to have found the Expedition 2.5 on eBay--and picked it up for only $50. The spectra ropes are thicker and more confidence-inspiring. The material underneath you (that you actually lay on) is thicker and seems more durable than the nylon taffeta used in the Ultralight A-sym. It also does not have that strange slimy feeling--but you'll probably be using a pad so that really doesn't matter. The rainfly between the 2 models are also different.

Though I have not had the opportunity to use my HH in the rain, I would anticipate that the present models (both the Ultralight Backpacker and the Expedition) would give you greater protection from the rain, as their rainflies are 30% larger than the one I currently have. I have often thought about making a poncho/rainfly combo. in order to make the rainfly a little larger (mine looks a little anemic to me).

All in all, I'd say that because of my financial situation, I'm glad that I made the $100 trade-off (price point vs. weight). If I had to choose between the two at a $30 trade-off, however, I'd buy the Ultralight A-sym.

Size wise, I'd be surprised if you couldn't fit. The Expedition (at least the one I've got) will accommodate a 250 lb person. I would be surprised if HH did not somewhat underrate the Ultralight A-sym at only a 200 lb. payload. I would have thought that a 6'2" person could fit in either model. But I'm 5'7", so what do I know? I would try buying it from a company that you could return it to, stringing it up, and seeing if you could deal with the small amount of claustrophobia that might ensue. I usu. have a lot of room left in my Expedition 2.5, so I'd be surprised if you didn't fit.

Good luck with your hammock choice. Once you string it up on a backpacking trip, you'll never consider sleeping on the ground again, despite the fact that there is a very considerable problem with insulation from the air underneath you. Ease in campsite choices, comfort, etc.--backpacking will never be the same.