View Full Version : tents

2012-04-07, 23:58
Anyone ever tried to make/sew together a tent ? Looking at the tarp tent on quest outfitters.com and wonder just how hard it is?

Tin Man
2012-04-08, 03:14
unless you already have a decent sewing machine, you have to make one of those first

Hog On Ice
2012-04-08, 07:12
I've just started sewing gear - the fabric is slippery but relatively easy to handle if one is willing to use a washable glue stick to tack stuff together and then sew - the glue then can be washed out/off with plain water. Note however I have not done any large pieces like a tent. A good sewing machine helps a great deal. Make sure to use a good thread like Gutermann's all polyester Sew-All.