View Full Version : Grandfather passed away, heading to Alabama.

SGT Rock
2012-05-04, 11:49
Hey all,

My Grandfather passed away yesterday at the age of 94. We are getting ready to head down to Alabama for the service and will be away from the forum for a couple days.

He worked on heavy equipment before the war but joined after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He was in the Navy in the Pacific during WWII on a transport ship, and due to the GIBill was able to go to college after the war and eventually ended up as an engineer for NASA. Not bad for a guy that was educated in one room school houses and accidentally set the school outhouse on fire with homemade gunpowder. He took me on my first ever overnight hike, and my first trip on the AT.

Don't let MB mess up the board too much while we are gone.

2012-05-04, 11:52
My condolences Rock. He sounds like a great man. I think MB will behave this time considering the reason for your absence.

2012-05-04, 12:01
condolences. sounds like he did it right.

2012-05-04, 12:03
Sorry for your loss Rock. Glad to see someone make so much of so little. We happen to be headed that way too, anything I can do? Love and hugs!

2012-05-04, 12:06
prayers for the family, rock. y'all be careful driving down.

2012-05-04, 12:25
Sorry for your loss, Rock. Sounds like a good guy and will be missed.

2012-05-04, 12:28
I'm sorry for your loss, sounds like he was a wonderful man.

2012-05-04, 12:37
I'm so sorry for your loss! Sounds like he lived a full and rich life! My prayers to you and yours

2012-05-04, 12:46
sorry for your troubles. safe journey.

Jim Henderson
2012-05-04, 12:49
My condolences Rock. Not really a surprise that your grand father became an engineer. Don't all engineers love gun powder?

Jim Henderson

2012-05-04, 12:52
My sympathies Rock. Sounds like he was quite a man.

SGT Rock
2012-05-04, 13:15
Thanks y'all. He was a tinkerer - his dream when he was young was to have his own junk yard full of car parts to play with.

2012-05-04, 14:18
I'm sorry to hear that. My best to you and the family.

2012-05-04, 15:17
Our sympathies, thoughts, and prayers are with you Rock.

2012-05-04, 15:53
Sorry for your loss.

john pickett
2012-05-04, 16:01
Travel safely, Sarge.

2012-05-04, 16:28
My condolences from a fellow Alabamian Sgt Rock. Grandfathers are always so special.

2012-05-04, 19:46
A grandpa is a treasure. I'm sorry for your loss.

2012-05-04, 19:56
My condolences to you and your family. Sounds like your Grandfather was quite the person. Cherish the memories.

Nearly Normal
2012-05-04, 20:05
Last time I went to Bama it was for that same thing.
Yall take care.

2012-05-04, 21:47
So sorry for your loss, Rock. Your grandfather sounds like someone I would have loved to hear stories from. We will be thinking about you!

2012-05-04, 21:54
Sorry for your loss Rock. Find an outhouse and blow it up in his honor.

Big Mac
2012-05-04, 23:14
Sorry to hear about your loss Rock. Sounds like he was truly a member of the greatest generation. I'm sure you'll have some good memories.

2012-05-04, 23:35
Sorry for your loss. It sounds like he lived a great life.

2012-05-06, 22:49
Rock, sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Sad to see another Sailor from that time pass away. We'll be praying for you and your family.

Gray Blazer
2012-05-07, 07:49
God Bless you and your family. He was definitely a member of the greatest generation.

2012-05-07, 08:48
Sorry to hear about that Rock.....

2012-05-07, 13:32
Like everyone else Rock, I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. You and your family are so lucky to have had hime for so long! Love and prayers to ya'll! Be safe!

SGT Rock
2012-05-07, 19:55
Thanks all. We just got back - it was a good, positive get together for the family.

2012-05-08, 16:10
That's great to hear, Rock. It's good when it happens that way.

When my sister passed, we buried her on our family's farm. For the first time in 40 years, I was able to hang out with all of my cousins at grandma and grandpa's. Felt like a kid again.

2012-05-08, 16:41
Gald ya'll are back. And we even all behaved! Now can we start misbehaving again?