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2012-05-11, 18:07
wonder why forest service place problem bears in cohuttas

2012-05-11, 18:29
got any info on this? i've heard they relocate up in the cherokee nat'l forest too.

SGT Rock
2012-05-11, 20:04
Probably because the other bears in the Cohuttas will straighten them up with peer pressure.

2012-05-11, 20:31
They guard the secret lair of the Illuminati.

2012-05-11, 21:05
cumperchange.i ve got specfic informatoin on my theerd.A got friend got her her car torn by abear especiaaalyj her trunck in which she was hauling garbage,specially tuni fish,the forest serzice came and laid a mobils trap; with sardines'''the first night niht her cats did their magik.the second night[[lotto]] the bear was esacourted overland to cohuttos']bear on blood mtn, last year==the same' recenevents ;;bear between devil's den and hell's hollow==that's where i stay--near jack's river store=carried a pig off ;;guess where they =between flatop amd big frogg n east cowpen

SGT Rock
2012-05-11, 21:07
Must be some sort of illuminati code.

2012-05-11, 21:16
no shit. where's my 1D glasses?

2012-05-11, 21:18
That looks like one of my friends emails.

2012-05-11, 22:01
Who told Matthewski where to find us?

2012-05-11, 22:04
They guard the secret lair of the Illuminati.

that must've been what i was close to last fall..

2012-05-11, 22:35
myfrinds'.thepast is neverpast it is now.who said those words=matteszw---who is that;;; the bear by william faulkner is one of the greatest short stories ever written

2012-05-11, 22:38
the bear by william faulkner is one of the greatest short stories ever writtenThat's true.

Big Mac
2012-05-11, 23:42
At first I thought this thread was about beer Relocations, and I was concerned. Bear relocations I don't care so much about.

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2012-05-11, 23:53
Jack London's not too shabby either:


Tipi Walter
2012-05-12, 11:32
They are needed to laugh at backpackers attempting to cross Jacks River. It isn't called Greasy Creek for nothing.

2012-05-12, 18:54
i saw a bear two days ago between hudson gap and mckinney gap on mckaye---also ran into a biker pushing his bike on the trail,not riding

2012-05-12, 19:57
was it wearing a houndstooth hat?

2012-05-13, 09:10
chump the real bear is in heaven coaching st peter's cardinals