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2012-05-13, 10:57
Hey ya'll, I've been lurking for a while I really like the forum. I'm heading down in the morning and looking for any recent trail reports from the Springer area to Payne Gap. Looks like there has been fair amount of rain in the area for the 10 days or so. Also how safe are some of the parking areas that are close to the trail such as Three Forks, Skeenah gap, maybe Willscot Gap. My daughter has little experience and I don't have much myself we mostly day hike around here in Mid TN. I have had some health set backs the last few months may not be able to carry a load all day. I would like to park near camp sights with water and use it as a base for a day or two and day hike each way.
Thanks for any help.
Happy Mothers Day for you moms.

SGT Rock
2012-05-13, 22:44
I haven't been in that area in a few months, but when I was down there water was not an issue at all. I've never left a car at Three Forks, so no opinion on that one. Right at the trail crossing of Skeena Gap there is not good parking, but 0.2 south is a church you could park at. No parking that I know of at Payne Gap. The next best parking spot is Wilscot Gap.

2012-05-24, 08:02
Thanks for the info, we had to make a last minute change in plans. We went to Reelfoot SP, got the idea from the hanging forum, and had a great time.