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2003-08-13, 17:48
I got some old backpacker mags last night from a friend (you think I would spend money on them things????????):D Any way I found an article in one of them that had an article about making muffins in a pop can. To do this you cut a pop can to 2" tall and dull sharp edges at home. On the trail you grease the can, fill with muffin mix, find 3 pebbles roughly the same height, fire up the stove, set the stones in your pot and set the can on the pebbles, put the pot on medium heat (probally full blast for alcohol but try this at home first to figure out how your stove works) for 10 min
I havn't tried it yet but it seems like a good idea as it can be used with a Ti pot.

2003-08-14, 15:34
I tried it today and the mix I used raised too much and ran over into my pot. Good thing I greased the pot and checked it when I did otherwise the carbon would have been hard to get off. I ran out of alcohol so I couldn't try again. I will get some alcohol and try again soon

2003-08-14, 16:45
HMMMM!! Im gonna have to try that!! Atleast then you can cook just one or two at a time so you dont have to carry extra muffins around to get crushed. I bet the same peice of soda can could also be used to poach an egg. Thanx for the idea Pobbie! Streamweaver

2003-09-30, 21:59
"find 3 pebbles roughly the same height, fire up the stove, set the stones in your pot and set the can on the pebbles,"
but do you put water in the pot?

2003-10-01, 00:32
I would think that you would have to put water in the pot for 2 reasons, 1 it would prolly scorch the pot if you didnt and 2 some pebbles have small air pockets in them which can cause them to explode and possibly send hot batter all over the place like tasty napalm!! LOL Streamweaver

2003-10-11, 12:58
This reminds me of the old Scout trick of cooking muffins in an orange peel. You cut the orange in half around the equator, eat the orange with a spoon to leave the peel halves intact. Fill peeling halve about 1/3 full of muffin mix and place directly on hot coals (not flames!). It cooks up great. The peel adds a very slight orange flavor, nice, not bad.

The first time I tried it I filled the peel about 2/3 full. Not good, it rises up and flows down over the side. At least no clean up, though.

You can also cook an egg in an orange peel. Put an egg in one and muffin in another and you have breakfast with no dishes to clean.

The downside is you need coals which means a fire, not suitable for easy leave-no-trace camping. Does anybody have suggestions for how to do it without a fire?

Finally, you can cook hamburger in half a small onion directly on coals. Tastes great but again requires coals.


2003-10-12, 07:06
i believe this method is to be used without water in the pot. the rocks hold the can above the bottom of the pot. I have made bisquits by putting the mix in a ziplock bag and placing in a pot of boiling water. it does work but uses a lot of fuel unless you are using a campfire.