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2012-06-11, 08:51
I just completed these two sections of the B.M.T. from beech gap to farr gap. This is the old fodderstack trail. Overall these two sections of the trail are in good shape with only a few blowdowns, one of which we had to climb over. Near glenn gap there was a section thick with weeds about chest high, but wasn't too bad to get through. We saw a bear and a hog on the trail which was exciting. I would lilke to do the sections from sledrunner gap to tellico river next. does anyone know if forest service road 24 is still accessible up to beaverdam bald?

Tipi Walter
2012-06-11, 09:02
I just returned from a 22 day BMT trip in May/June and started at the Tellico River fish hatchery and went to Big Frog Mountain and backtracked to Reliance for evac. My trip report is here---


A couple years ago I was on top of Beaverdam Bald and the road was open then, in fact the forest service spent a lot of money recently improving this road (a big mistake in my opinion---we have enough dang roads and too many rolling couch potatoes).

2012-06-11, 09:35
Thanks Tipi, I thought about riding up there yesterday with the family for some sight seeing but thought it might have closed when they closed the OHV area. I am trying to complete the BMT in sections, weekend trips basically as I get time.