View Full Version : loop hike in cohuttas wilderness

2012-06-22, 10:25
anyone familiar with this loop hike in the cohutta wilderness--east cowpen to rough ridge to jack's river back on hickory ridge to east cowpen.is it easier to do this trail clockwise or counter clockwise?

SGT Rock
2012-06-22, 10:28
I've not done it.

2012-06-22, 12:32
i plan to do it in the fall.

here's a report on the interwebs: http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=285844

Tipi Walter
2012-06-22, 23:18
You can check out my 11 day trip I posted on Trailspace---


Part of my hike included the Rice Camp/Hickory Creek/Conasauga to Panther Creek/East Cowpen/Hickory Ridge to Jacks River and a Rough Ridge trailhead camp, etc.