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Nearly Normal
2012-06-23, 01:32
I want everyone to know.
I'm not fuckin helpless. When I married Miss Sharon 35 years ago, she couldn't boil water....but mamma raised me to do...and I still can...damn well.
I miss that gal terrible...she was my woman and the mother of our children...and after 35 years of being together it's hard to just be by yourself. Real fucking hard.
Sayin that...I want you to know...I don't need hovering over.
Now I have several people that want to visit.....and that's a plus....and I like that and look forward to it.
I'd rather have 2 or 3 at a time and let's visit and eat well and maybe fish a little...and drink a little too much maybe.
You can all come if you want....a few at a time or we'll throw a party and have everyone. I'll cook a hawg and do it up proper in the fall. Hell yall can camp and there's plenty of room for that.
Don't think I don't appreciate yall cause I do very much.
But I have to get back to living.
I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be and if the folks that wanted me here didn't invite me and I appreciate that.
I'm not looking to replace Sharon so you women folks should feel free to visit anytime. I miss the laughing of women folks the most.
Now I work a rotating swing shift and I have lots of days off or you can just come and have the run of the place. It won't bother me.
There's nothing but the wind in the trees and the frogs at night and the porch to set on. I live in a very private place cept for a couple of yankees that don't bother noone that don't need bothering on 200 acres worth....and theres 3 fresh water fish ponds and a world of salt water and a garden to pick out of.
Their are a couple folks I'd like to talk with and you know who you are.
Suit yourself.

2012-06-23, 01:38
And you are always welcome to come 'home' to LA. Doors are always open for you!

2012-06-23, 01:45
I love u my brother..you have been in my thoughts and prayers and would be honored to come down and can't wait to come down and hang out...in the same respect next time you want to come back to the Nc mountains ...you are my inspiration..I will always strive to have the life with roots that you had with Mrs Sharon

2012-06-23, 08:32
Oh, law. I don't reckon we meant it thataway. We just care about you, is all, and we want to be there for you. We love you.

SGT Rock
2012-06-23, 08:40
You are right. You have to get back to living. I can only imagine how hard that might be to do it, but I'm pullin' for you.

Nearly Normal
2012-06-23, 09:04
My...how I rambled on last night.
Yall excuse me...I might have had several to many.

SGT Rock
2012-06-23, 09:11
You are excused. Considering what you are going through it is expected.

cool breeze
2012-06-23, 09:44
Shit, have another.

2012-06-23, 09:59
NN, there is no better place for you to do that than right here. This is your thread. Let it out.

It is part of the healing process.

Love you, man!

2012-06-23, 10:19
If NN invites you over you will not be treated like a guest, you will be treated like family. When he says to make yourself at home that is exactly what he means. I've been there a few times and it always feels like coming home and I plan to go home as often as I'm welcome.

2012-06-23, 11:01
I wish I had all the right things to say. Hang in there brother, you are loved and prayed for.

Nearly Normal
2012-06-24, 01:04
Lugnut, you come see me after you take care of your bizzness on the Greasy Grass. Anytime...the pluff mud that everything is made from is right here.

Nearly Normal
2012-06-24, 01:30
I havn't forgot what I ask either.

2012-06-24, 13:13
Will do!

2012-06-29, 14:26
Where's the party ? Ill bring my Kayak and we can go fishing.