View Full Version : Just in case we have a few down times on the 28th....

SGT Rock
2012-06-29, 07:57
They are upgrading my server. It is probably going to cause a few down times today.:bawling:

2012-06-29, 09:21
Saw a glimpse of problem last night. Alls well for now tho

2012-06-29, 11:53
hope about today? It took me forever to get the site to load

2012-06-29, 14:23
popped in pretty quick for me.

2012-06-29, 20:04

I was trying to link that, and Uncle Skids post about visiting that section of road when it went.

I thought maybe it was the link I was trying to post, it was from the LA Times, might have been too left for your server to handle it.:)