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2012-07-02, 23:11
I have been thinking about which compass to take on a CDT Thru Hike. I agree that the US GI Lensatic compass is too heavy and overkill for hiking the CDT. So I have been looking at the Baseplate compasses. I have talked about the Lensatic on this website and gone down as saying I would use a Baseplate. This for the aforementioned reasons and this was after I dangled the idea of using it as it is on a CDT Thruhike.

What I come back to over and over is the fragile nature of the Baseplate compasses. I have never broken one but have had trouble with bubbles. I even returned my Silva Ranger and they returned it without doing anything. Silva basically said it would not affect performance and to just ignore it.

So, still pursuing the lensatic idea-is anyone aware of someone who has removed the top portion of the lensatic? Keeping just the bottom base portion with the thumb wire and sighting peephole? I think the sighting peephole when folded down, would still stabilize the compass dial, would it not? Using it like this would not be the degree of accuracy the original lensatic offers. Again though, I don't need that type of accuracy, just reliability durability. No argument the lensatic offers that. The only "down side" I can think of is the clear window one views the compass dial through might be compromised to scratches, etc. However, the peephole dealie would protect it some.

OK, this probably sounds real crazry to all of you. What do you think?


2012-07-02, 23:13
Sorry, one more thought: The reason for removing the top portion is a reduction in weight.

SGT Rock
2012-07-02, 23:16
I've never heard of anyone trying this. I'd probably not want to do it myself.

2012-07-03, 09:18
I wouldn't take it apart. The top portion has your sighting and alignment wire, but it also works to protect the compass itself. I mean, the compass, as a whole, really isn't "that" heavy... However, it is obviously heavier than you would like, but it is rugged and can take a beating... I dunno about taking the cover off though....