View Full Version : Best waist pack/load bearing harness

2003-09-02, 16:09
I want to do some extremely light hiking with only a waist pack or a load bearing harness (e.g., a photographer's vest). What's the best kind?

I want to carry an emergency kit, a medical kit, and as much water as possible. I will be moving at about 4 miles per hour over hilly terrain so stability is important -- I do not want the pack/harness to be moving around.

All advice appreciated.

2003-09-03, 13:08
JUST the waistpack/tacvest? Any intention of using a ruck? carrying a weapon?

A quick perusale of any tactical forum will show that this question is farily unanswerable as there are so many variations/permutations to the question and the available solutions can be staggering. In the end it can sometimes end up being that you have to buy a few of them and rig them out to see what works for you and what doesnt (you can usually sell what you dont use if its in good shape) and then get mods done to the one you keep to make sure it has what you need.

What I myself would do, given your perameters, is get either Kifaru Scout or an Eagle Industries hunting vest... but there are about 10,000 other choices out there. Including some interesting choices from Splav. The SA pattern webgear may be a nice alternative too... lotsa pockets... though they do tend to stink (packing process)

Look into Blackhawk Industries, Eagle Industries, SOE, SOTech, HSGI, ERD, Reccegear, Arktis, and Military issue webgear