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Hog On Ice
2012-07-16, 19:30
A while ago I was without power and water for a few days and I started using a old wide mouth Nalgene as pee bottle around the house to keep the toilet from stinking thus conserving the water I had to haul in. Upon some thought I realized that there are some fairly good things to be said for using a pee bottle:

1. fairly obviously it reduces the amount of water used by the household
2. much less likely to cause the neighbors to complain than pissing off the back porch
3. keeps the bathroom floor cleaner because no piss splash droplets escaping the toilet
4. for mixed households the toilet seat always stays down so the women are pleased err less likely to bitch
5. there is no problem hitting the right spot without the lights being turned on or even with the lights turned on and no more wild streams
6. the pee bottle can easily be used in the bedroom so no more sleep dazed stumbling to the bathroom
7. its easy to use the urine for other purposes such as composting or gardening

Big Mac
2012-07-16, 21:13
Why would I want to quit pissing off the back porch? It's one of life's better things.

2012-07-16, 21:17
I keep a nalgene in the frig with propel in it. I could see me tipping the wrong nalgene.

2012-07-16, 21:24
And not noticing.

2012-07-16, 21:37
oh law

2012-07-16, 21:55
On the way to my hike, that didn't last long, this year I was going to buy gatorade. Hikehead told me to try propel and I like it. There are no calories and seems thirst quenching to me. It comes in those little light weight tubes so I won't be carrying one of those big ass gatorade containers again.

2012-07-16, 23:15
HOI really needs something to occupy his free time. :albertein

2012-07-16, 23:28
The wife really hates it when I dig a cathole inside the house.......

2012-07-16, 23:31
HOI really needs something to occupy his free time. :albertein

:dito: Ditto!

2012-07-17, 01:40
HOI really needs something to occupy his free time. :albertein

pooling for a stripper-gram. everyone send me $20. we'll do it up right for him....

2012-07-17, 09:23
Other options:

8. Clean urine for sale on the black market (that is, well, you know)
9. Official urine supplier for Bear Grylls

2012-07-19, 19:36
piss balloon battles are a LOT more interesting than water balloon battles.

Nearly Normal
2012-07-19, 20:19
You are a fucktard.

cool breeze
2012-07-19, 21:10
needs more fuckin help than we can give him.

2012-07-20, 13:25
You are a fucktard.

needs more fuckin help than we can give him.