View Full Version : fly tie outs on a hennessy

2003-09-05, 14:37
has anyone else made the change to a different cordage on the tie outs? I kept getting knots in the line that came with them and cut them off. I replaced them with 3mm colored perlon with a yellow tracer, and now not only can I see the lines when it gets darker, but I can tie and untie them much easier without swearing.

2003-09-05, 17:48
I replaced mine with Para-cord...tied taught-line hitches in them...have never had any problems with knotting any more

2003-09-06, 18:29
I changed the cords too, for the same reasons that you did. Too many tangles and unwanted knots - and have had no problems with them since.

2003-09-07, 06:56
I replaced my canopy tie outs with a combination of shock cord and white nylon cord. This keeps tension on the canopy.

2003-09-07, 16:22
I removed the nylon cord, added a section of bungee cord to the corners of the flap, and re-tied the black nylon cord. Didn't work too well; I still got a lot of flapping. I think I need to switch to something with a little more give.

2003-09-30, 22:05
I run the tie outs through my hiking poles straps and tie them to rocks. I raise the poles up if I want the tarp up off the bug screen. Use heavier rocks if its windy out. Sometimes I put both tie-outs through the straps which keeps the flapping to a minimumn.