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2003-09-07, 20:34
Hello everyone. I've been trolling around here for a while soaking up peoples opinions/ideas. Haven't added to the discussions so far because I haven't done much camping other than a few car camps with the kids.

Anyway, I finally got to use some of the ideas I've been reading & thinking about on a kayak camping trip last week to Grand Island (near Pictured Rocks in Lake Superior). Fun trip & got some practical experience with the gear selection I've gone with.

Are there many here who go kayak camping? Anyone have any thoughts they'd care to share on how it compares to backpacking?

I was under the impression that since the kayak would "carry" the weight for me, I could get away with a few luxuries that I might not feel like walking with. Mayber a few, but not as much as I expected! Since items need to fit in the kayak, they still need to be small. And lightweight is also important because the boat acts like a log when it has too much load.

And finally, anyone feel this is too off-topic for a hiking forum?

- Blade

2003-09-08, 03:31
Did ya see any wolves on the island?

Kayak camping is cool... I havent done it much, but did do it for a 4 day float down the colorado river.

UL gear works good when kayaking. depending on your boat type, you can play around quite a bit with what your able to carry along. A S-O-T can carry quite a bit more than a classic boat... and a Sea kayak will obviously carry more than something you might use for WW (which can still be used as long as your not riding a rodeo boat or a shallow slalom)

You can also be a little more luxurious if you wont be protaging alot. If you are, learn some french voyageur chants and use a tumpline ;)

Off topic? No

2003-09-08, 20:04
No wolves, but we did find some bear scat a couple hundred feet from the camp. At least we assume that it was from a bear ... there were no bear bells in it to allow for positive ID!

2003-09-08, 22:18
Did it smell like pepper spray LOL

2003-09-09, 00:42
off topic? no, this forum is and has been mostly a gear forum. occasional little snippets about hikes, but mostly about tin can stoves and swinging from a tree. now they'll have you going UL in a kayak!

personally, my kayak camping always include a case of beer, ice, grill, charcoal and steaks! everything else is optional. hopefully you have a big fat expedition size boat. mine is a P & H Orion. pure luxury! i have done a fair amount of k-camping on the mobile (alabama) river delta. maps, compass and GPS absolutely essential. i think i could spend my life doing it and never go back to the same mud island twice. of course, summer is out of the question. too hot, too many west nile carrying skeeters.

2003-09-14, 10:41
Off topic? I certainly hope not. I am a paddler (prefer solo canoe)more than a hiker and I started taking note of forums like this one becaues I realized that I would maximize my enjoyment of canoeing if I lightened the load that I was lugging over the portage trails.

As canoeists we have a tendency to carry a lot of extra "stuff" - and stuff that is heavier than necessary - for no better reason than that we can. Then we sweat and curse our way over the portages, making them in to an ordeal rather than an opportunity to enjoy the differing landscapes through which we travel.

Forums like this one have added a new level of enjoyment to my canoeing experiences. I travel fast and light, usually solo, and the portages add to the richness of the experience.

2003-10-05, 06:50
I'm with you blue. I will be heading to Ely Mn tommorrow morning on my 3rd solo canoe trip this year. The lighter equipment, hammock etc. is great stuff. less equipment is even better. I use a 12 foot old town discovery with a 9 foot double blade paddle. I think a kayak would be a little tough to get over the beaver dams and a bit akward to portage. I don't see any kayaks in the interior of the BWCA and this is probably why.