View Full Version : JB Weld?

2012-07-28, 20:41
I've never worked with JB Weld and I don't to know if it's good for all metals so before I buy it I thought I would ask if you think it will adhere stainless steel to titanium

Both pieces are small, it's a decorative application and not weight bearing. This is a one time shot, I don't have any extra to experiment with.

so whatcha think?

2012-07-28, 20:49
dunno. I've used it as a bedding compound for a rifle and it certainly adhered to blued steel. did that help?

2012-07-28, 20:55
Only thing I've used it on is aluminum. Worked great until you heat it up about 10 times.

Nearly Normal
2012-07-28, 20:58
It's good......extra good. you can fix broke stuff with it...bad broke stuff. That's what it's for.

2012-07-28, 22:15
The guys I work with in the weld shop love it when customers bring in items they've tried to fix with JB Weld. For your application, it sounds like it would be OK. For bigger stuff, I'd probably leave it on the shelf.

cool breeze
2012-07-28, 22:52
Its just epoxy formulated for metal. Should work for your application. Kind of goopy.

2012-07-29, 07:46
it'll work for what you're doing.

Nearly Normal
2012-07-29, 08:10
Fixed a hole in a gas tank and a zhaust manifold too.

2012-07-29, 08:19
okee-dokee i'm going for it...will post the results when i'm finished and blame all if it doesn't work out...:aetsch:

2012-07-29, 13:30
If it doesn't work...............

duct tape

Tin Man
2012-07-29, 17:43
If it doesn't work...............

duct tape

I tried duct tape...the bitch pulled it off.